Nissan NV200 Forum - Bikfas's Album: 13 Months, Build Almost Complete
13 Months, Build Almost Complete
Thought I would post a couple pics for thoughts, suggestions, etc.
BBE87D61 79FF 4CD4 BD8F 0C81C9CAB1F8
058961A4 65CE 4B5B AC58 BBD4663500A4
97FCCFFE B095 4672 98FA F77D1933B9FD
2D88661F 7037 4916 A9D8 4A60E9DEEBF0
036D4B64 3D9A 47E4 8B1E 5E262CC557D7
7D9CF53E 066D 4989 A094 5AAAEA39C467
90063801 DE05 46F1 9EBE E8F80CBBFFD2
C86EADC7 91F9 47C6 A6CC E13C66AC19EB
6FA7F5C4 28DD 4F77 9534 BCEC907FD175
01C39D31 CB7E 4D61 BED0 55CEC559456B
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