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Originally Posted by avacado11 View Post
No problem. BTW what tire size are you using? I'm trying to upgrade to a 215/60/16 since I've got a like new set sitting around. Trying to see what people have experienced with before I have them mounted and balanced.
I've posted here somewhere about my Kelly tires, which are the same size as the OEM though a lower load rating.

Although I would like better tires, at this point I'm not going to change them unless/until they fail or wear-out (they were brand-new when I bought the used NV200).

I'm hoping that by the time mine wear-out, there will be more options for better tires in the OE size, or maybe someone will figure-out how to re-program the speedometer to account for different tire sizes.

BTW I did fill my Kellys to their max 44 PSI and that turned-off the CHECK TIRE PRES on the orange display. Still can't believe they designed it to be unusable for any other display until the TPMS are satisfied.
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